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You will get approved for financing or Service General will give your old furnace a Super Tune-Up ($79 value)...on us! No cost to you!.

The Reasons Why Financing may Help You

There are many reasons why you may need to utilize financing to help pay for the repair or replacement of your central air system. In some cases it’s an unplanned purchase and the cash may not be available, you may not want to max out your credit cards, or deplete your cash reserves.

If your central air system is over eight years old then there are some instances where your financed monthly payment is neutralized by your lower utility bills. Another great aspect of financing is that it enables to afford the complete solution that you desire and not just address the immediate need.

Consumer financing has changed over the last few years. Your credit score has a lot to do with your creditworthiness but is not based solely on it. A number of key factors are assessed during the credit application.

We strive to offer financing to all types of credit profiles, along with tailored benefits to meet your needs. The ratings below include information to help you associate your credit profile. However, it is only a general rule; a number of key factors are not addressed in this matrix.

LEVEL 1 Key Factors: 700+ Credit Score, Low credit card balance, Debt/Income below 59%, No past dues, No bankruptcy

LEVEL 2 Key Factors: 650+ Credit Score, Moderate balances, Debt/Income over 59%, Previous past dues, Bankruptcy discharged min. of 2 years with positive re-established credit

LEVEL 3 Key Factors: 550+ Credit Score, same as Credit Risk 2, Previous charge offs history reflects positive re-established credit

You can create your on terms with Service General.. We have 0% interest options up to 24 months with equal monthly payments, APR options as low as 5.99% and monthly repayment as terms up to 72 months and cash/credit rebates as high as 25% of the retail amount. Level 1 approvals tend to have more options available than Level 3 approvals.

We also offer Consumer Credit Rebates as high as 25% of the retail purchase amount.

Apply Online and get pre-approval. There is no need to buy anything now and there is No Obligation what so ever. Once you get your approval you can decide to move to the next step which is having an energy audit and evaluation of your home and central air system.

We will demonstrate our company to you, discover what your home needs, discover what you desire and create a comfort system that is unique to you and your budget.